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Things To Do

We have listed some popular things to do, there are much more on offer for various  interests. Your Concierge/ Caretaker can facilitate things you want to do. Please let him know your requirements.


There could be days where you would like simply to do nothing much than relaxing at the Bilin Tree House, or it could be a day that is rainy, or you are too tried to venture out.  We have few things to keep you occupied at the Bilin Tree House to make you relaxed. We do have a collection of Indoor Games where the whole family could join in have a little fun.  For those who like spending time reading we have a collection of books in our Mini Library, from travel to Sri Lankan cookery and few novels as well.  What about learning the art of Sri Lankan cookery? Our Chef is more than willing to share his recipes and demonstrate how to cook a complete Sri Lankan meal.

Indoor Games

We got a collection of board and card games, for kids and adults alike.

Mini Library

We have a small collection of books to kill your boredom, you could read about travel & history or pick a novel for relaxed reading.

Sri Lankan Cookery Demonstration

You travel to Sri Lanka is incomplete without leaning to cook a Sri Lankan meal, you can join our Chef in the kitchen to learn the art.


The natural garden setting at the Bilin Tree House attracts many varieties of birds, best time to watch, them are in the morning, then there is the troop of endemic Purple Faced Langurs (Black Monkeys) who has made the neighborhood their home, you could see them leaping from tree tops. Watching their behaviour fun.  Swim in the pool to relax or as an exercise, it is a great way to start the day or to wind up for the day.  We also have sunbeds by the pool who like to sunbathe to get tanned, few hammocks are also available in the garden to relax.


Our swimming pool is exclusive to residents use, Pool towels are readily available and a shower enclosure is made available adjacent to the pool.


Basking in the sun and getting a sun tan may not be for everyone, but we have few sunbeds by the pool for those who wish to get the tropical sun tan.


Hammocking under the shades with or without a book is a great way to relax with light breeze caressing the body. It gives a nice feeling and will relax your mind.


Simply said there is so much to see in and around Galle.  The Fort City of Galle is a world heritage living township with a colorful history.  Maritime Archeological Museum and the National Museum are treasure troves of artifacts and information.  Galle Fort is home to many historical buildings, which are remnants of its colonial past under Portuguese, Dutch & British Rule. Structures restored to its past glory should be the No 1 must visit places.  The Yatagala Ancient Temple which has a recorded history of over 2300 years and its serene surroundings instill calmness in one’s mindset.  Near Bilin Tree House are many Tea Factories where the worlds most famed Ceylon Tea is made.  The one of a kind still fishing at Weligama at sunset is a beautiful sight to watch. For those who care for conservation of wildlife could visit the Turtle Conservation Project at Habaraduwa, the list is of sightseeing attraction are almost endless.

Galle Fort World Heritage City

First built in 1588 it was sized after the Dutch & Kandyan Kingdom joint military offensive in 1640. It was the second most important City for Dutch East India Company, until it was captured by the British in 1796.

The Peace Pagoda

The Japanese Built Peace Pagoda is a new addition to Galle’s list of attractions.  Sunset over the Galle Bay is spellbinding, it is a great place to watch the Galle City at night and the passing ships.

Tea Factory

Sipping a cup of freshly brewed Ceylon Tea at the source is another must.  Galle is home to many tea factories which produce the World-Famous Ceylon Tea. Some factories also have its own factory sales outlets.

Yatagala Ancient Temple

Not far away from Bilin Tree House is the historic Yatagala Ancient Temple, with a recorded history of over 2300 years, which received the patronage of three kings of Sri Lanka.

Stilt Fishermen

Unique and innovative stilt fishermen of Weligama attracts many tourists.  You too could experience stilt fishing or wait for the sunset to shoot some great photographs.

Turtle Conservation

A volunteer organization that buy turtle eggs from locals to deter them from consuming as food, runs a Turtle Hatchery at Habaraduwa, the hatched baby turtles are released to the sea.


Day excursions are a great way to experience nature and its bounties, Sinharaja Forest Reserve is another World Heritage Site with full of natural beauty, endemic flora and fauna. It offers a diverse range of sightseeing options and activities. There is always something for someone in this Biosphere Reserve.  In between Sinharaja and Bilin Tree House there are two other strict nature reserves.  The worlds only Blue Moonstone mines are located close to Bilin Tree House.  It is still mined by manual labor, it is a   very popular site to visit on the way to Ambalangoda, the town, renowned for its mask carvings and puppetry.  A day excursion combining Hikkaduwa, Meetiyagoda Moonstone Mines, Ambalangoda Mask & Puppetry Museum and a River Excursion at Madu Ganga would be a great experience. Whale & Dolphin watching is another popular excursion.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve

A virgin rainforest named a World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve is home to many endemic Flora & Fauna. Having more than 27 waterfalls and many jungle trekking trails of various difficulties, it a paradise for nature lovers.

Kanneliya Forest Resort

A much smaller version of Sinharaja, a very scenic forest with many trekking paths and waterfalls. A day excursion to Kanneliya Forest Reserve can add an element of adventure to thrill seekers

Moonstone Mines

It is said that that most exquisite blue moonstones in the world is produced in Meetiyagoda a village in between Hikkaduwa and Ambalangoda.  There are few shops in the area which retails many colors of moonstones.

River Safari

A day outing to Balapitiya gives many activity options, most popular among them is the River Safari on Madu Ganga.  It also gives an opportunity to visit a Cinnamon Peeling Factory.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

Whale and Dolphin watching is a popular day excursion.  Cruises are organized by Sri Lanka Navy from Galle and many other private operators from popular tourist town of Mirissa.


Activities on offer in a popular tourist hub like Galle is endless and diverse in nature and caters to almost all interest groups with different levels physical abilities.  Hiking and Trekking in Rumassala, exploring the Unawatuna Beach and surroundings, Bird watching in many forest thickets, rejuvenating oneself with age old Ayurveda treatments or embarking on a journey of spiritualism with yoga and meditation are few of the endless activities.

Hiking & Trekking

There are many trail heads which are not so far from Bilin Tree House.  Rumassala is just few minutes away and if you are looking for a higher level of physical activity Kanneliya and Sinharaja will fit the bill.

Unawatuna Beach

A day outing to Unawatuna Beach is a great option to get engaged in sun, sand and sea activities.  Exploring Unawatuna from our own Tartaruga Resort will make your experience even more pleasant.

Bird Watching

If you are early to rise, then you could spot many species of birds that perch on trees in our garden. But if you are a serious ornithologist, then Sinharaja Forest Reserve is where you should go which boasts 35 endemic bird species.

Ayurveda & Wellness

In and around Bilin Tree House you could find professionally managed Ayurvedic Treatment Centers & Spas.  The most reputed establishments offer services of qualified doctors as well.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation related to Spiritual Travel & Tourism is blossoming in Galle and hinterland as more tranquil surroundings conducive to practice yoga and meditation.


Galle a coastal city facing the Indian Ocean has a coastline consisting of long stretches of sandy beaches, offshore reefs, natural bays and estuaries.  Thus, it had been a popular destination for watersports , offering many sports activities.  Devata Surf Breaks are few minutes away and boasts year around consistent swell.  Unawatuna bay and reefs around the area are ideal location s for snorkeling and diving.  Hikkaduwa, Bentota and Mirissa are other popular location for watersports activities.

Devata Surf Breaks

Devata is a year around surf spot it is popular among locals and foreigners for its consistence beach break with both left and right waves at the beach.  Ideal for beginners and there are few surf schools who provide surf lessons.

Rams & Lazy Left Breaks at Midigama

Not far from Bilin Tree House is the Rams and the Lazy Left Breaks. Rams Right is a short, powerful right that breaks over a shallow reef and offers frequent tubes. Lazy Lefts as its name implies is a slow, fat left that trundles along for about 100m.

Snorkeling & Diving

In and around Galle are many snorkeling and diving spots, the Jungle Beach and Unawatuna are the closest. Hikkaduwa is a more popular destination.  There are many diving schools in Hikkaduwa and a few in Unawatuna.

Fun Rides

Undoubtedly the best place for rides and watersports related activities, is the Bentota Estuary.  Unawatuna and Mirissa also offers few options, but if you are real watersport freak whether it is windsurfing, wake or body boarding, jet skiing, banana and donut rides, then Bentota is the place to go to.